Shooting with Kees was really cool. He is very entertaining photographer and I think that despite the very cold weather and the little language barrier we did a good work :) Thank you! I’m looking forward for your photos and next shooting in the summer.

H. V.
  • H. V.
  • 07. 01. 2018 15:44

Kees is a great portrait photographer. I was attending one of his photoshootings (and I'm glad, thanks for the invite!), he showed us one great place for shooting and shared some of his experiences. Very pleasant and friendly person, it was really interesting to talk with him. Kees knows how to make a good and comfort atmosphere during the photosession and how to capture woman's beauty on a sensor of a camera. Doporučuji focení s Keesem!


It was really nice to work with Kees, great collaboration. He showed me a beautiful place that I had no idea exist, so I am super greatful for that. He also invited my friends to go with us, which I didnt expect, but it was really nice of him :) we ended up having cup of coffee/hot chocolate in the end. I definitely recommend him to everyone :)

Ellen Freya

Very possitive, friendly and enthusiastic photographer! He makes the atmosphere very comfortable so you feel naturaly good during whole photoshoot. The first time we spent in Prague and it took the whole day, Kees was happy and creative the whole time! If I will have the opportunity to work with him again, I won't hesitate :-) Can definitely recommend him to new girls too, as you will have great experience with this artist :-) Thanks for everything *

Simona (89373)

Working with Kees was really a pleasure! He is a great photographer, full of good ideas and he also creates very relaxed atmosphere. I'm looking forward to another session:)